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Chemi-Pro was founded in 1998 by Abdelaziz Cherchali. Since its inception the company embodied the core values of Honesty, Teamwork, Trust and Integrity.

As a former executive of Akzo Nobel, the founder was accustomed to impeccable ethics and the passion for excellence. This drive to exceed expectations and commitment to business partners enabled the firm to build long lasting relationships with its multiple clients and suppliers.

Today, the company is recognised as a well focused, leading chemical products distributors in Algeria, and is still enjoying a steady growth.


To build strategic, and focused partnerships that redefine the market.

We aim to exceed expectations and be an overall outstanding business partner, the one which ensures consistency, growth and empowers both customers and suppliers.


This value is the fundamental pillar of our company. Amongst all our values, relationship and appreciation for our partners remain the elements that drive our performance.
We foster relationships of trust and openness with our suppliers and clients. We recognise that our success is dependent on our partners, and therefore can only thrive by ensuring that we work together with our stakeholders. 
At Chemi-Pro we work with people who value long term relationships. Without trust we could not advance in times of difficulties, we work together and always find the best course of action for everyone. We want to be trusted, and need to trust our partners. For this we operate with complete honesty and offer transparency and openness. In good and bad times, we communicate with all parties and collaborate towards the best solution.
We are proud of our impeccable track records. Since 1998, every single order has arrived in time. We ensure that every step of the process runs smoothly, and that our customers get the products they order through us, on or before the deadline. We also offer the flexibility accommodate special requests when needed.
We expect all of our employees to strive for excellence and to demonstrate their determination to get the results in every task.
We stand by our employees; they stand by their actions, and we remain accountable for their decisions.
Every member of Chemi-Pro embodies the value of Integrity as it is the glue that keeps the pieces together. We select the employees who share the values we believe
in, to ensure that we can sustain in the multicultural business environment we operate in.
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